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Sarah Love
Sarah Love

Cinema 4d Plugin Serial Unfurl

With the help of one of my users, Thomas Chen, I was able to get Visual C++ 2010 Express to work by applying a not-well mentioned patch. Xcode 4 still needs to be installed (and verified using the cinema4dsdk included with CInema 4D) on my Mac before I can make any builds directly for Cinema 4D R14 due to inoperabilities (such as a visual point display offset in AlignToVector). At least at this point, there are no fundamental roadblocks to making plugins compatible with R14!

cinema 4d plugin serial unfurl

There seem to be quite a few customers who purchase plugins, forget to include their Cinema 4D 11-digit serial number, and never respond to requests for it so as to complete the transaction. I typically use two email addresses to contact the customer and it frustrates me that customer responses sometimes never occur (I want you to have a valid serial number so that you can use my plugins!).


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