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Matca Marin Sorescu Pdf 12 [REPACK]

another volume of sorescu's poetry, verdele iernii (the green thorns), was published in 1965, and să-mi treacă fulanul! (let's get along!) in 1969. the more than 300 poems that compose these volumes were written between the 1940s and the 1950s. at the end of the poem 'să-mi treacă fulanul!' there is a hidden hint that sorescu did not have any particular political views. (marin sorescu in censorship in romania by lidia vianu, 1998, pp. 86-87).

matca marin sorescu pdf 12

in the 1960s, sorescu was also part of the trio of poets, writers and critics (călina, marin sorescu and victor eftimiu) who made up the romanian avant-garde, and later they formed the nucleus of the literary scene of the 1980s. he wrote the screenplay for irina și-a pierdut mamă (irina and lost mother) (1970) and lanțul pădurilor (forest's gate) (1974), as well as the original script for ion țiriac's hoții de vaci (vampire's picnic) (1967) and vânătoarea prin tăuar (the hunting of the snark) (1973). in the 1970s, he was also one of the best-selling authors in romania, due to the popularity of his works in the world of adventure novels.

the monologue was written in 1974, although its first public performance took place in 1976 in the still-existing allegra theater in bucharest. it was performed by the director ion gheorghe uritescu, who also played the role of sorescu. the monologue was first published in 1976 as a booklet with a cover-design by ceauescu. the work is based on sorescu's personal notes, and many of its details are suggested in literary sources. sorescu's life is a true saga of self-portrayal and self-making. in his autobiographical novel, sorescu as hero assumes a number of personae, from the sower of truth to the frustrated poet. just like any of the other characters, he also assumes a number of roles, a paradoxical combination of images and paradoxes, of heroism and pathos, of transcendence and humiliation.


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