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Assassin 39;s Creed Apk Obb PORTABLE

Assassin's Creed Identity (Assassin creed Identification) - the developers of the company Ubisoft Entertainment once again encouraging owners of Android devices with their masterpieces. You will play the hero who conquered many hearts gaming. In the game before you discover a large and open world in which you can move through the narrow streets of the medieval town and on the roofs of houses. Immerse yourself in the big and dangerous world, where for many years is the struggle of two orders: the hidden assassins and the Templars.

assassin 39;s creed apk obb

Download apk:

Cache for Assassin's Creed Identity: unzip the folder to /Android/data/- path will look like this: /Android/data/com.ubisoft.assassinscreed.identity/- install apk, launch the game!

The series weaves together elements of science fiction, historical fiction, and fictitious characters with real-world historical individuals and events. The majority of the games allow players to take control of a historical assassin, while also giving them the option to play as an Assassin Initiate or as a character who is caught in the middle of the battle between the Templars and the Assassins in the present day.

Specifically, the games are always about putting players in the role of assassins who are tasked with carrying out a variety of missions throughout these worlds. However, the series has undergone significant transformations over the course of its existence.

As the player, you take control of an assassin, and as a result, many areas of battle utilise the stealth mechanic. This is one of the first major games to come out that year to completely exploit the stealth feature, and it is a mechanic that is carried on into subsequent games.

The only reason why the game Assassin creed Identity got more attention from the game players is that it becomes available for smartphone users. Otherwise, it was previously restricted to the PC user, and the android user could not enjoy this amazing game.

After you complete the steps discussed above, you can open the game that will exist on your device. Once you find that the game opens smoothly, and then you can start playing right away. You can find many places where you can download the Assassin creed identity APK + OBB, but not all of these websites are trustworthy. Thus, it would help if you were very cautious in installing the latest version of this game.


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