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Simon S Ielts Ebook Pdf 16

Good question. First, testing yourself is not the best form of practice. You should test yourself from time to time (e.g. once a week), but spend much more time studying rather than testing. 'Studying' means that your aim is to learn something from what you read. For example, when reading newspaper articles, you might learn a new word or phrase, or you might learn how to use a word correctly in a new context. Don't forget to check things in a dictionary or by searching online, and write new language in a notebook.

simon s ielts ebook pdf 16

Above all, remember that IELTS reading is a vocabulary test. Ask yourself what new vocabulary you have learnt this week. Can you point to a page of your notebook and say "I've learnt these 10 or 20 new words and phrases this week"? If you can, you are improving.

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I loved your review ! I don't have the Facebook etc .. Thanks for the tips . I travel to Mexico every year and yes the money is more than equal to airfare and Airbnb . I learn more by speaking and listening Spanish . I have trouble with complete sentences . I can say words and understand signs , so again thank you . I just about fell for the 14.95 a month deal w Pumsleur !

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